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Tewantin, Qld

Tuesday 1 Sep 1998

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Today we climbed Wild Horse Mountain.

This is a place not to be missed. I rises steeply for 120 metres out of an otherwise flat landscape and is capped with a superb viewing platform.

The panoramic view takes in Moreton and Bribie Islands, Caloundra, and the Bruce Highway but the raison d'etre of the lookout is the simply stunning view of Tibrogargan, Beerwah, Coonowrin, and the other Glasshouse Mountains.

Legend would have it that Tibrogargan was the father of many children by his wife, Beerwah. One day when his family was threatened by a giant wave from the sea, he asked Coonowrin, his eldest son, to help Beerwah, who was with child, to safety while he, Tibrogargan, took care of the other children. When Tibrogargan saw that Coonowrin had left his mother in danger to save himself, he hit Coonowrin with his nulla-nulla and dislocated his neck which is why Coonowrin is also called Crookneck. Tibrogargan was so ashamed of his eldest son that he turned his back on him and, to this day he looks far out to sea weeping copious tears which fill Tibrogargan Creek.

While wildlife is scarce on Wild Horse Mountain, we saw lots of wildflowers, white, yellow, orange, red and mauve and many butterflies and bees and were blessed to see a pair of magnificent Rainbow Bee-eaters.

To add further delights to the day, as we lunched on the bank of the Noosa River an Osprey circled majestically overhead.

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