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Aspley, Qld

Friday 4 - Tuesday 8 Sep 1998

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Friday 4th
photo of Mount Tibrogargan

On the way back to Brisbane we took to the hinterland. Landsborough is a pretty dull country town but it leads to the Blackall Mountains.

We found a beautiful place to have morning tea. Just before you get to Maleney there is a well-signposted turnoff to the Mary Cairncross Park which has stunning views of the Glasshouse Mountains from the north.

Maleney is a pretty, working country town set high in the hills while Montville, on the eastern face of the escarpment is a very tourist oriented destination with afternoon tea al-fresco and lots of crafty shops.

We stopped for lunch at the Mount Tibrogargan rest area with its very close-up view of the largest of the Glasshouse Mountains.

Saturday 5th
photo of the birthday barbecue

Ross and I shared a wonderful family birthday party at Ann and Vic's house in Highgate Hill. All the Williams and Marretts were there except Barb and Ron who are overseas. Ann and Ruth organised the affair, Vic and Glen did the barbecue, and Maree provided the birthday cake, a gigantic chocolate mud cake. Lots to eat and lots to drink and much good conversation; a great way to celebrate our shared birthday.

Sunday 6th

Babysitting Sarah, Kelly and Ross.

Monday 7th

Babysitting Sarah, Kelly and Ross.

photo of the birthday boy
Tuesday 8th

We spent the morning waiting around for the people at Arrow Caravans to add some extra ventilation to the fridge and microwave. we spent the afternoon with Woody walking around Southbank and having afternoon tea in the Motley.

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