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Warwick, Qld

Wednesday 9 Sep 1998

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We are committed to going to the CMCA National Rally in Berri in mid October.

We had planned to go via Goondiwindi, Moree, Narrabri, Coonabarabran, Dubbo, Nyngan, Cobar, Broken Hill and Mildura catching the Pilliga Scrubs and Lake Menindee on the way.

We set off for Warwick where we planned to seek local information about the state of the Newell Highway.

Just outside Warwick we suffered a flat front tyre which caused a half an hour delay. I was most glad that my first flat occurred on a road with light traffic, in a place where we could safely pull over, in the daytime and in good weather.

Talking to the man in Warwick who repaired the nail damage to the tyre and tube, I discovered that Goondiwindi had just today become accessible, that Narrabri was still cut off by floods and that, while Moree was reachable, there was nowhere to go from there.

Discretion being the better part of something, we decided to go to Dubbo via Armidale and visit the Pilliga on another trip. When we get to Dubbo we will see if it is sensible to go to Berri via Broken Hill or not.

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