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Moree, NSW

Tue 16 Feb 1999

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On the drive into Moree, we noticed that the light had changed. The horizon seems much further away here than it does further east. Perhaps the air is drier or cleaner out here but for some reason the sky is so big it seems to go on forever.

Moree is a much bigger and nicer town than I had imagined.

I had the geography of this part of New South Wales all wrong in my head. As a city boy, Moree seemed so far from civilization that it had to the back of nowhere. It just shows how wrong you can be. Its obviously a town that supports a large and productive rural population. Its not all that pretty but it is well-kept and alive.

Jean was looking forward to a dip in the Artesian Baths. As they are just about 100 years old, she was expecting them to be housed in a suitably old building and was disappointed to find a quite modern building complete with an olympic (i.e. 50 metres) swimming pool. It's hard to disconnect oneself from the subconscious influence of growing up in a country with many centuries of civilization where the baths in Bath have been there for over 2000 years and one walks on stone which was walked on by Romans.

Happily, the caravan park had somehow arranged a supply of hot artesian mineral water for their swimming pool so she didn't miss out.

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