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Aspley, Brisbane, Qld

Sat 20 Feb - Fri 5 Mar 1999

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Saturday 20th Feb

The road from Somerset Dam into Brisbane goes up a very steep winding road to Mount Glorious and then down a very steep winding road to Samford and Ferny Hills.

The Motley handled it just as easily as I expected though some other motorists may have had a slowish journey as there were virtually no turnouts.

We booked into the caravan park in Aspley for the duration of our stay in Brisbane.

Monday 21st Feb

Rachel flew in from Sydney for a visit to her sister and her niece and nephew.

We hired a Tarago for the duration of her visit as neither the Motley nor Max's Astina could take all seven of us.

Rachel was tired so we spent the day at Ferny Hills just chatting.

Tuesday 22nd Feb

We all went to Barb and Ron's for lunch. Ross turned up in the afternoon to pick up Miss Lily so we had a great day catching up with the family news and discussing sex, politics and religion.

Wednesday 23rd Feb

We all went to the Dunwingerie Arab Stud at Kalbar where the sire and dam of Rachel's horse, Alfie, used to live. The new stallion, Maakhir, is absolutely stunning with tremendous presence and personality. Every which way one turned there were more stunning horses. The kids were most impressed by the horses and we all had a wonderful afternoon and were made most welcome by the owners.

Thursday 24th Feb

Rachel flew out on the morning flight to Sydney.

We all celebrated Sarah's birthday with lunch at the Keg, a local "real Australian cuisine" place which prides itself on serving 30 foreign beers. We sampled a few!!! .

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