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Toowoomba, Qld

Thu 18 Feb 1999

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The journey from Goondiwindi to Toowoomba is long and, by and large, uneventful.

The road is, at first, lined with a thin belt of trees left when the paddocks were cleared. While this seems to be a good thing, it results in a rather claustrophobic view. I find it strange that a clear view across the relatively flat farming countryside seems to be preferable to a tree lined road.

During the day, we crossed the Condamine River which is notable because it is the farthest reach of the Murray Darling river system which we have been studying since we first visited Milang about a year ago.

As one drives toward the Great Dividing Range, the land rises slowly at first and then a little more quickly in the foothills of the mountains, reaching Toowoomba at the top of the ridge, about 850 m (2800 ft) above sea level.

We had considerable trouble navigating into Toowoomba because the main Tourist Information Centre is on the road in from Brisbane (the far side of town from where we entered) and the one in the city is a small, inconspicuous shopfront in the main street. Our road maps lacked any detail of Toowoomba as Queensland is by and large bereft of decent road atlases. We passed a map shop on the way in but it lacked any parking so we couldn't stop and buy anything that would help. We eventually spotted an "I" sign and were able to stop for a minute or two and collect the necessary street maps and guides.

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