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Nobby, Qld

Mon 8 Mar 1999

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The plan was to continue to follow the Mt. Lindsay Hwy to Browns Falls with a side visit to Queen Mary's Falls. Then to go on through Warwick to Clifton or Nobby.

Once again we were late setting off and by the time we got to Browns Falls and stopped for lunch, we hadn't seen any of the others. We assumed they had gone on so we went to Warwick to do a little shopping where we met up with one or two doing the same thing.

We headed off to Clifton but still no sign so we went on to Nobby where the assembly point was Rudds Pub.

When we arrived we were all but the first there as we had passed them all in Warwick where they had stopped to dump their black water at the Caltex servo. They had waved and called on the CB but we didn't receive any of this.

As the weather was inclement, we had happy hour, and then dinner, in the pub.

Nobby is a pretty insignificant place by any standards notwithstanding that it was the home of Steel Rudd, famous Australian author who was responsible for "Dad and Dave" a very successful and long running comic commentary on Australia between the wars. The pub survives, even thrives, by providing hospitality for a number of groups of travellers like the CMCA, the 4WD clubs and so on who visit regularly and keep the bar and the dining room busy most week ends.

Once again we had a really good evening with all these nice people

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