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Biggenden, Qld

Fri 30 Apr - Mon 3 May 1999

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Biggenden Muster

The Wide Bay Wanderers chapter of the CMCA hold a charity muster each year at the showground in Biggenden.

160 motorhomes turned up for the four day event and $8000 was raised for the Queensland Cancer Council.

We had a very pleasant time with the people on the safari and with other people we had met on the road and at other chapter rallies. Every morning we had smoko with different people and every afternoon we had a large happy hour with all the Highway Wanderers.

The Wide bay Wanderers provided dinner on Saturday night and the local SES did the cooking on Sunday night. Each evening there was entertainment, country and western on Friday, rock and roll on Saturday and home-grown on Sunday.

I amazed myself and everyone else by dancing to the sixties music on Saturday night, doing well enough to be elected to lead the conga line!.

The solar panel worked well and we didn't run out of power all weekend.

The CB was installed and tested ready for the next leg of the safari.

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