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Rollingstone, Qld

Tue 8 - Fri 11 Jun 1999

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The safari moved on to a well-known but hidden rest area off the main road at Rollingstone.

Though there were many other motorhomes there already, our ten big rigs made little difference and there was no sense of crowding.

The camp ground is very pleasant with lots of trees and a beautiful, clear creek running along one side. I wouldn't swim in it because the sea is only a few kilometres away and estuarine crocodiles abound hereabouts. There was one particular paperbark tree which was in prolific bloom and the heavy fried-coconut scent pervaded the air which I found very pleasant but others didn't like.

I had ordered from our safari leader four new solar panels to be fitted on the roof of the Motley to provide enough capacity to fully recharge the house batteries rather than just make up the nights consumption. We fitted them here on a clear sunny day. Just as we fitted the last panel, I suffered what I thought was a sunstroke attack with dizziness and so on. As it happened, I had missed both breakfast and lunch and had had a hypoglycemic episode. With a little rest and refreshment, all was returned to normal and the installation of the system was completed just as the clouds rolled in making a real test impractical until another day.

There is a pub on the main road at Rollingstone which we visited for dinner with another couple. The grilled barramundi with Houghton's white burgundy was delicious

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