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Nobby, Qld

Mon 27 Sep 1999

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While in the big smoke, I had some shopping to do for the Motley.

First we visited Electrolux to see if they fix the gas burner in the fridge which has taken to blowing out while we drive along. Bev Brooks, the Service Manager, quickly identified the fault. When we were in Brisbane in the autumn we had had an extra vent fitted to take the flue gas out. This had move and the inner end was resting against the insulation of the fridge. This causes and gust to draw the flame rapidly up the fire tube and sometimes it blows out. Bev kindly wired the flue tube in the correct place. We will see if this fixes the problem.

We then went to Coast to Coast in Coopers Plain to buy a new heater element for the air conditioner and some other spares. He didn't have everything I needed but he directed me to Classic Caravan Supplies in Acacia Ridge where we got most of the other things I needed including a rotary ventilator which I will fit in the bathroom sometime.

We planned to overnight in the rest area at Helidon near Toowoomba but, despite every reference we have saying that camping was permitted, we were severely warned off with signs threatening all manner of retribution for those who dare to stay overnight in this Main Roads Rest Area miles from any habitation.

In a state of major disgruntlement, we continued to Toowoomba. Happily, Jean remembered that we had stayed at Rudds Pub at Nobby on our safari with the Brisbane Sunshine Wanderers in March. There is a rest area opposite the pub and the backyard of the pub is available for free overnight stays.

We set up in the backyard and had happy hour and a pleasant dinner in the pub. You have to have a night out on the town occasionally!

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