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Kyogle, NSW

28'°40' E 153'°00'

Mon 24 Jan 2000

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Needing to make some progress towards Sydney, we made our farewells with Robin, Keryn, Ken and Wendy, and headed off down the Summerland Way to Coffs Harbour.

Shopping in Beaudesert, and lunch in Rathdowney found us setting off to cross the range well into the afternoon.

The Mt Lindsay Highway is very pretty is a bit rough for the Motley but the road improved as we got down into the Richmond River valley.

We stopped in Kyogle when we realised that we had lost an hour by driving back into NSW.

We had no choice but to stay in the Council Caravan Park which turned out to be OK and reasonably cheap.

A climbing plant with beautiful red flowers on the fence behind us, Double-barred Finches on the grass and a huge flock of Fruit Bats flying overhead decorated our evening.

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