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Sat 26 Feb 2000 - Wed 5 Apr 2000

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Back to Bluegum Crescent to sell the house.

Open days on 4, 11, 18, 25 March.

More good news. Big Al now works for Apple in telephone support. Not only does he get paid but I get free tech support!!.

Philip and Helene Procter visited us on Thursday 16th and we visited them at the Caravan Park at Lane Cove on Friday. They headed off towards Warragul and we promised to meet them at the Solo's rally at Berwick if not before.

I had a most unexpected telephone call from Andrew Marney, a long ago member of the Australian Kitefliers Society. He has recently joined the CMCA and was web browsing for info on motorhomes and chanced upon these pages.

He expressed disappointment that there was no mention of kites. In an effort to correct this omission, I have loaded up as many kites as I can fit in the Motley and will get some pictures when I show off to an admiring assembly of motorhomers somewhere.

He, his wife and kids plan to take a year to go "round the block " in 2001 in a converted army vehicle.

We have had an offer for the house which we have accepted. We have signed the contract and left it with the solicitor awaiting the buyer getting building inspections done. We have left the thing in the hands of the solicitor and the real estate agent and will take off to Victoria for the next CMCA rally. We plan to be back in Sydney some time in May.

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