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Benalla, Vic

S36 °32.5' E146°0.5'

Mon 17 - Tue 18 Apr 2000

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We have a couple of days before we need to be in Berwick just outside Melbourne so we decided to go to Healesville on Tuesday and visit the Wildlife Sanctuary on Wednesday.

The only reasonable road south is the freeway so we headed west towards Benalla.

Down the Kiewa Valley which is beautifully broad and green, over a little ridge into the Ovens Valley and suddenly we are in flat country at only 100 metres (300ft)above sea level. Victoria is certainly densely packed with a variety of environments.

We passed the rest area where we spent our second night on the road. I looked back to the diary entry for that day and was surprised to read that the sunset was superb and the evening meal delicious. We have obviously been enjoying life on the road since day One.

We stopped in Benalla for two nights because the caravan park was nice and we needed to do the washing.

We'll go to Healesville tomorrow. If we have time , we'll visit the zoo.

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