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Frankston, Vic

S38 °11' E145°09'

Sat 06 May 2000

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We needed to buy some spares so we headed west to Dandenong. The places we usually shop for spares didn't have what we needed but we advised to go to Carac, the local accessory shop, where we found everything we needed and some things we didn't need but bought anyway.

The nearest caravan park looked a bit of a slum so we went on to Frankston.

The town is not Winnebago friendly. We followed the signs to the city centre and found ourselves trapped in the lane leading to an multistory car park. Everyone was polite enough to wait while be backed and filled around a 2 metre (6ft) diameter roundabout surrounded on all sides by tall buildings.

We left town and eventually found the selected caravan park which turned out to be very nice. We were directed to the local mega shopping centre to restock the pantry. Signs say that the car park is subjected to golf ball bombardment from the adjoining driving range but the solar panels survived the half hour we were there. Perhaps the golfers were put off by the intermittent rain or perhaps they were at home watching the footie on the teevee.

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