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Morwell, Vic

S38 °18' E146°21.5'

Sun 7 May 2000

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We had promised to visit Charlie and Valda Dawson at Loch Sport in East Gippsland so we found the road to Leongatha.

On the way we came upon a low loader carrying a new milk processing machine about 5.4 metres (18ft) wide and perhaps 4.5 metres (15ft) high. He was having quite a time as his escorts had to get everyone off the road on the two lane stretches and his cherry pickers had to raise all the 4.2 metre (14ft) high cables crossing the road. We thanked him for pulling into a parking bay to let us past and wished him a good day.

After a short stop for morning tea we found ourselves behind him again.

We turned off at Leongatha towards Morwell and passed the Devondale milk plant where preparations were being made to receive the machine we had seen on the road.

We took to a minor road to get us into the right part of Morwell. This road was the scene of some kind of family bicycle ride and we encountered all kinds of problems with little kids straying in front of us or big kids pedalling very fast downhill in the middle of the road. As we have learned to travel hopefully without any deadlines, we took all these problems as sheer entertainment.

The caravan park, there is only one in Morwell, is on the shores of the power station cooling water pond, a lake big enough to support all kinds of water sports. The trees outside the Motley are full of birds and I am being serenaded by birdsong as I write this. What a life, eh?.

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