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Armidale, NSW

S 30°29'34" E 151°40'08"

Sun 23 Jul 2000

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We left England to get away from freezing weather. The week before we left to come to Australia it snowed 18 inches overnight causing havoc on the roads. Then it thawed and refroze as solid ice on the footpaths, an altogether "avoid at all costs" situation.

When I got up this morning there was no water. There was a frost overnight and the hose fitting which connects the town water supply to the Motley had frozen. requiring a bit of attention before I could make a cup of tea.

What idiot decided to come up the New England Highway in mid winter? D'uh. That would be me!

We headed for Armidale and called Charlie Marrett who said he would be out until four o'clock so we veged out a bit in Armidale and visited him for afternoon tea.

We settled into the caravan park just as the sun was going down. It is pleasant in the Motley even in this weather, very cold but dry, as long as we are plugged into the local power.

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