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Carters Ridge, Qld

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Sat 18 - Mon 20 Nov 2000

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Saturday 18th

Sarah had asked me to replaced some dowels on the bed which had got broken at Bluegum while we were moving.

We went on to Cafe Zanetti to have some lunch and to listen to the band, Night & Day, again. We had to find a better description for them than "a harmless folk group" which had been used by some local reviewer. As they refer to themselves as an orchestra, and as they have had a piece called "Salty Rivers" selected by the Green Party for a compilation CD in pursuit of the conservation cause, we chose "a subversive orchestra".

We had promised to visit the Procters at Carters Ridge so we headed up the Bruce Highway planning to stop overnight somewhere on the way but we made good time and reached Carters Ridge by tea time. Philip and Helene were out so we settled in for the night.

They returned at about nine o'clock and we had coffee and conversation until late.

Sunday 19th

George and Jan Reed arrived in their big Swagman motorhome to spend a few days here.

Helene had invited some of her neighbours for a barbecue. We all played disc bowls and boules through the afternoon. The barbecue was accompanied by wonderful salads and sweets provided by Helene and we spent the rest of the evening drinking and chatting. It was very pleasant and convivial.

Monday 20th

Helene's washing machine had been misbehaving so I had a look at it. I couldn't find any reason for the poor spindrying. On testing the machine both empty and full, I couldn't reproduce the fault so I assume it was some passing problem which had not recurred. I did discover and correct the cause of the lack of control of water level.

In the afternoon, we had a downpour which kept us all indoors and in the evening we dined on corned beef beautifully cooked by Jan.

As always, our stay here has been a delightful interlude and it was lovely to catch up with Helene and Philip and with Jan and George again.

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