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Tue 21 - Thu 30 Nov 2000

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Tuesday 21st

We had arranged to have dinner with Barb and Ron to celebrate Jean's birthday so we returned to Aspley for a few days.

We had a pleasant dinner in a Thai restaurant in Spring Hill. Barb gave Jean a beautiful bunch of Peony Roses and Ron had brought a good bottle of white.

Ron had parked in a parking station nearby but when he went to get his car it was locked in for the night. When he went to pick up the car next morning, they tried to charge him for the whole night!.

Wednesday 22nd

We did a little banking and shopping at Brookside. Target had a 25% off everything sale so we stocked up on clothes.

We spent the afternoon at Patricks Road. The Epson printer had stopped working but I was unable to resurrect it. I installed the Stylewriter from the Motley as a temporary solution to Sarah's problem.

Thursday 23rd

Laundry day.

Friday 24th

Shopping day. All the girls went on a shopping spree at Brookside.

Saturday 25th

A visit to Patricks road in the afternoon saw me repairing the Location Manager settings on Sarah's iMac which had been destroyed on the advice of Ozemail's help desk. I had entered the IP addresses incorrectly and when Sarah call them she was told to remove all the settings needed to use Location Manager.

I printed out address labels for our xmas card list; much easier than doing the envelopes by hand!.

I also had to print out some work Louise did on the LC11. She asked for an electronic copy but I couldn't devise any common medium. I have just this moment realised that the Internet could be used if I set up the LC11 with a modem and all the software and settings needed to send email.

Sunday 26th

Lay day. I suspect I have the same lurgy Sarah said she had yesterday.

Monday 27th

Jean is into the preparation for her test tomorrow so we stayed in.

Tuesday 28th

Up early to go to the hospital for Jean's test. The result was clear.

As all the tests have proved negative and there has been no recurrence of the symptoms, we assume that all is OK. We will to talk to the GP in a few days time when she has all the reports.

Wednesday 29th

We spent the afternoon at Patricks Road. I mended a few things and Jean did the Christmas cards. We dined on Thai take-away from the Oriental Bangkok at McDowall.

Thursday 30th

We're headed for Sherwood Forest tomorrow for the Highway Wanderers Xmas party so we had to do the laundry.

I set up the LC11 with a modem so Sarah can cross load files between the two machines.

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