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Sherwood Forest, Beaudesert, Qld

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Thu 21 - Fri 22 Dec 2000

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Thursday 21st

Back to Patricks Road to finish the clean-up.

We had planned to pick up the laundry at Patricks Road and head off for Sherwood Forest but the clean up from the flood needed finishing.

I took out the section of carpet in the store room which was still wet and replaced all the stuff, taking care to put the boxes of books up on blocks in case it flooded again. Sarah also needed some new towel rails fitting.

We finally got away just after three and arrived at Sherwood forest just in time for happy hour.

I had forgotten to turn the fridge over to gas while we were parked so I had to run the generator for a couple of hours to recharge the batteries. Happily the machine is pretty quiet and no-one was disturbed.

Friday 22nd

Cooked corned beef, had morning tea, had lunch, had happy hour, had dinner, watched tele, went to bed.

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