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Newmarket, Brisbane, Qld

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Wed 20 Dec 2000

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In the middle of moving the bookcases the gremlins got into the washing machine which flooded the laundry. The pitch of the laundry floor was proved to be inwards rather then outwards so all the water was deposited inside the house.

Jean and Sarah all soaked up masses of water in towels and nappies but there was no chance of stopping the carpets from getting soaked.

The man with the great big wet vacuum cleaner came at seven o'clock. We had dinner (and a pint of Guinness) at the Arana RSL at eight o'clock.

We had run out of discount at the caravan park at Aspley ( I had had little success in convincing them of the benefit to them of continuing the 10% off past the nominal limit of $20 per stay) so we went to the caravan park at Newmarket for the night. Perhaps we'll come back here!.

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