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Koorunga, Carters Ridge, Qld

S 26°26'56" E 152°46'12

Wed 27 - Thu 28 Dec 2000

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Wednesday 27th

On leaving Landsborough, we kept to the back roads, going through Maleney which didn't invite us to stop, and on into the beautiful Mary River valley. The countryside here is so unlikely for Queensland with green rolling hills and glimpses of extended landscapes all lush and fertile.

We came to Kenilworth, a nice little town with motorhome friendly parking and some nice shops. It was exceedingly hot. We stocked up on groceries, bread and meat and had mango smoothies in the cool shade of an attractive cafe in the high street.

We drove the last few kilometres to Carters Ridge and arrived to a very warm welcome from the Procters. Some of the family were still here from the Xmas celebrations. We had a barbecue dinner and spent a pleasant evening chatting.

Thursday 28th

It rained all day. I had cooked some curried beef and dhal for dinner tonight and Helene asked me to do a marsala for some prawns she had left over from Xmas. With KFP (Kurma's Fried Potatoes - cooked to a recipe we both invented independently) and papadums we all ate very well.

Jean has a bad back, maybe a result of swimming yesterday.

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