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Fri 29 Dec 2000 - Mon 1 Jan 2001

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Highway Wanderers New Years Eve Celebration

Friday 29th Dec

Jean's back was very much worse so we went to the hospital at Gympie. The diagnosis was "no nerve entrapment, just a recurrence of the old problem". An analgesic injection to help with the journey and scrips for Panadeine Forte and Brufen and we were on our way.

We arrived at the Highway Wanderers gathering at the Wood's caravan park at Nanango in time for happy hour. Sadly, Jean's back was not good so she had a sleep instead.

Saturday 30th Dec
photo of the camp oven cook

Jean's back was no better. She spent the day in the Motley sitting when able, but mostly lying down. The pills the doctor prescribed seem to cause nausea and vomiting so we are trying different combinations of Panadiene Forte, Panadol, Brufen and ginger tablets finally settling on Panadol and Brufen.

Sunday 31st Dec

Jean is no better. She is OK if she lies down. We can only hope for some improvement in the near future.

One of our number told Jean that she had suffered from a bad back for a year before a guy in Wynnum had effected a cure. We'll get his phone number and see him when we get back to Brisbane.

Tonight there was a celebratory sausage sizzle provided by the caravan park. Dress was pyjamas. The entertainment was a couple of short skits, one a mime to "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille" and the other about Virginia the Virgin, Doug the Local Villain, and Peter the Woodchopping Hero.

Jean survived happy hour and the sausage sizzle (this by standing up) and then retired hurt. I gave up after the skits.

Monday 1st Jan

Brian Galland spent the best part of the afternoon and several litres (quarts) of sweat cooking an eleven camp oven dinner. Delicious it was.

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