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Wandoan, Qld

S 26°07'32" E 149°57'40

Wed 9 May 2001

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We left Roma heading once more for Theodore. We only have two days left to get there so we must hurry.

We stopped for lunch at the rest area just across the river from Miles. It is clearly signed with STRICTLY NO CAMPING signs so we have marked the town as motorhome unfriendly.

We stopped at Wandoan and as we needed water, laundry and so on we went to the caravan park. This is run by a very talkative but fascinating old guy who has made his living for forty odd years shifting houses. He and his wife bought a piece of waste ground and built a caravan park just before the 1987 recession and have been in debt ever since. He claims that the towns round here are so parochial that they won't employ you or even change your cheques if you aren't a local.

I washed the Motley, the first time in a couple of months

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