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Sat 30 Jun - Sat 7 Jul 2001

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Saturday 30th June

We planned to visit Charlie early and then go to Uralla for a family picnic.

We had a wonderful day. The weather was sunny and warm. The park in Uralla is very pretty and has lots of good things to do including counting the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos in the pine trees. We had a very nice counter lunch at the Thunderbolt Hotel.

We visited Charlie again when we got back to Armidale. He seemed weaker today and in more pain.

We took up Charlie's offer to park the Motley in the back yard at Hilda Avenue and, as I write this, we are snugly set up with everything we need.

Sunday 1st July

We did some shopping and went to visit Charlie while Sarah, Ian and the kids went to church to talk with all Charlie's friends and give them news of his condition.

We had lunch with them in town before they went to visit Charlie.

The Tollhursts have gone home to Springwood so the house is once again peaceful.

After dinner I took Sarah to visit Charlie while Ian and Jean watched the State of Origin rugby league match. Charlie seemed much better today after two days of decline. It's hard to tell what will happen but it's best to take it one day at a time at the moment.

Monday 2nd July

I spent some time preparing curry and rice for dinner.

Tuesday 3rd July

It being Ian's birthday, we took the family out to lunch. We had planned to go to the cafe in the Art Gallery but it was booked out so we went instead to Tatts. The food was excellent, they served Guinness from the tap, the kids had things to play on, and we discovered that the place is now owned by the UNE Students Union.

Wednesday 4th July

We did some work around the house in preparation for Charlie coming home from hospital. In the evening we ate the remains of the curry with a great quantity of freshly cooked bhajias.

Thursday 5th July

Charlie came out of hospital today. I managed to complete the work on his bedroom before he arrived.

In the evening, we celebrated Ian's birthday with a corned beef dinner with a beaut cheesecake as his birthday cake
Friday 6th July

We did a little shopping and then spent the afternoon and had dinner with the Marretts.

Saturday 7th July

Max chopped a lot of wood and I cooked Sea Pie for dinner.

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