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Armidale, NSW

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Wed 27 Jun - Fri 29 Jun 2001

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Wednesday 27th

We set off fairly early as there was still over 300 km (200 miles) to go. The weather got progressively worse the further south we went. In the morning, it was very windy. In the afternoon, it was overcast and drizzly until we got near to Armidale.

When we reached Armidale, we booked in to the caravan park at the top of the hill before seeking out the family. Sarah was at the hospital and Ian and the kids were at Charlie's house at Hilda Avenue so we stayed there until Sarah returned at about six. The Dubbo Marretts came back from visiting Charlie and the Tollhursts arrived from Springwood so the house was pretty much like Piccadilly Circus when we left to go back to the caravan park.

Thursday 28th

Sarah and Ian brought some clothes for laundering and we had morning tea and a good chat with them.

Friday 29th

We visited Charlie in hospital and then went into town to do a little shopping. Sarah, Ian and the kids were in town having lunch so we joined them. The weather was extremely pleasant considering that it is winter. The kids complained of the bright sunlight so I made them paper hats out of newspaper which they proudly wore as they played on the slippery dip.

Charlie had offered his back yard for us to park in so we spent the afternoon preparing the driveway to make room for the Motley to get in.

Sarah and Ian have decided to stay on another week at least and, as the Tollhursts will be going home on Sunday, they will appreciate our close company.

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