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Fri 17 Aug - Sun 19 Aug 2001

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Suncoasters Chapter Meeting

Friday 17th

Ross had a Special Adult Friend day at kindy so I spent the morning there.

In the afternoon I drove to Imbil to a Suncoasters chapter meeting. I had not met any of the people there but happy hour was friendly. I avoided the chill of the evening by retiring as soon as the sun set.

Saturday 18th

Fine and sunny but quite cold early.

This being the Suncoasters eighth birthday, we were all asked to provide a cake for the celebration lunch. I cooked an all bran cake. .

Lunch was convivial with champagne provided by the chapter and stretched out to happy hour which was immediately followed by dinner at the Railway Hotel. Roast beef and veges followed by pavlova; all very good and the company was friendly and entertaining.

Back at the Motley, the stars were blazing in the sky and the milky way was very clear.

Sunday 19th

Imbil's big day is Sunday when the market is held. I did my 3 km (2 miles) of energetic walking before buying some fruit at the market and a beer at the pub. Having booked the camp ground for the Highway Wanderers Christmas meeting for Friday 30 November to Sunday 2 December, I have arranged for the pub to do Christmas dinner on the Saturday night. All that now remains is to organise the entertainment! What have I let myself in for?

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