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Mon 20 - Thu 23 Aug 2001

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Monday 20th

I left Imbil after breakfast, drove north up the Gympie-Brooloo Rd planning to investigate Cedar Grove and the Amamoor State forest, got lost and ended up at the famous Matildas servo 10 km south of Gympie on the Bruce Highway.

I got into Brisbane at lunchtime and booked into the caravan park for four days. Hopefully that will allow time to see the doctor, service both the Motley and the Little Motley and pick up the trailer with all its tie-down mods completed.

The plan then is to go to the Darling Downs Drifters chapter meeting at Cooyar at the weekend and then visit the Woods at Sherwood Forest.

Tuesday 21st

I walked 4 km (2 1/2 miles), did the laundry, had breakfast, went to Sarah's to finish the flag for the Homeless Network, picked Kelly up from school, returned to the caravan park to bring in the laundry, and went to the doctor at 5 o'clock. There's no rest for the grass widower.

The HBIAC blood test showed a 3 months average of 8.0 mmol/L which is an indication of diabetes. The doctor and I agreed to try diet and exercise for 3 months to see if I can do without medication.

Wednesday 22nd

I took the Motley in to Mazda for its 65.000 km service.

The trailer still isn't ready so I spent the day at Patricks Rd. I managed to finish the flag for the Homeless Network before returning to Aspley to pick up the truck.

Thursday 23rd

I took the Little Motley in to Holden for its first service. They were very good and finished by 9.30 so I could go to the trailer shop. Still not finished but I did order a big locker to be fitted. I also modified the tie-down straps to fit the arrangements we have set up on the trailer. All being well I will have it tomorrow. I plan to go to the Darling Downs Drifters chapter meeting at Cooyar which is 180 km (110 miles) away so I really need to be on the road by lunchtime!.

I had lunch at Patricks Rd and we all had coffee at Cafe Zanetti while Ross had a haircut. I promised to take the kids to school tomorrow so I need to be there by 8.30.

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