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Mon 10 - Tue 11 Dec 2001

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Monday 10th

We had to return to Brisbane to pick up the new filing cabinet, to have the car attended to (the window still doesn't work properly and the CD player is stuck) and to get my scheduled HbA1c blood test.

We stopped at the Ginger factory on the way to pick up some ginger beer for Sarah. The price was 50% higher than the local supermarket so we didn't buy any.

When I got the Little Motley off the trailer at the caravan park, the CD was miraculously working again!.

We had dinner at Patricks Road and retired late.

Tuesday 11th

The car was booked in for another attempt to fix the window problem. It was ready at midday though they had decided to replace the window regulator, but as they have to get one in, it will need another visit.

Jean needed some more medication and we discovered that the Chemist stocked UNICEF Xmas cards so we bought what we needed.

Kelly had a Girl Guides Xmas party in the evening so I took her, Sarah and Ross to the Guides hut at five and picked them up at seven. While they were away, Alain, Jean and I went to Cafe Zanetti and then bought take-away Thai from Ferny Hills.

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