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Petrie, Qld

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Wed 12 - Thu 13 Dec 2001

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Wednesday 12th

I had to get another blood test so I was out early and back in time for breakfast.

We moved the Motley to Wyllie Park in Petrie and went into Strathpine to visit the Telstra shop. I had decided to return the Qualcomm Data Connection Kit for the mobile phone which still doesn't work. They were of the view that it was out of warranty as I had had it for a year and four days. A guy from Qualcomm took my details and said he would do what he could, fix it if possible. We'll see.

I went to Office Works to buy label stock both for the new Highway Wanderers name tags and also for our Xmas card mailing.

Thursday 13th

We spent the day at Patricks Rd doing laundry and sundry other things.

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