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Thu 2 - Sun 12 May 2002

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Thursday 2nd

We packed up the Motley and took the Little Motley to Chermside to do a bit of shopping. We had arranged to pick up the new awning some time after noon so we headed off to Coopers Plain.

The awning sail is not a direct replacement for the original because Coast to Coast have found it uneconomic to import them from the US and now buy them from Aussie Traveller. Having decided that I didn't like the Aussie Traveller, I finished up with one anyway. Greg at Coast to Coast solved the problem of the failure to wind up. There is supposed to be a spring in either end and somewhere along the line I had lost one. I bought some second hand parts from him and will be able to mend it.

On the way into Sherwood Forest, a young woman in a car didn't quite managed to overtake while we were turning right and we have to get some repairs done to the Motley. We cancelled our plan to go to the Brisbane Sunshine Wanderers gathering at Caboolture this weekend.

Jean had got a new recipe from Helene for a stew kind of thing so I decided to try it out in the camp oven. The cooking went OK but the dish turned out to be a disappointment. I might try it again with some changes, then again I might not.

Friday 3rd

We took the Motley into the local panel shop for a quote for the repairs and faxed the claim to Ken Tame, the insurance broker. The work will cost just under $3,000 and probably will be done next week. .

Saturday 4th

I repaired the awning mechanism with the bits I got from Coast to Coast. Fitting the new awning will have to wait for another day.

In the evening we all went to the Rugby League Club to support Pip'n'Mell who had an gig there. The food was pretty good, the company was excellent and the music was entertaining so we had a good evening.

Sunday 5th
photo of Chris playing the didge

With some help from several others, I fitted the new awning sail. It looks very bright but I'm sure we'll get used to it. At least it won't leak now and it makes the Motley look a lot smarter.

Monday 6th

Today was a lay day.

Tuesday 7th

The insurance broker had arranged the assessor's inspection of the Motley for this morning but the public holiday yesterday made that impractical.

We went into Jimboomba to do the laundry and some shopping.

The repairs have been approved by inspection of the digital photos. All the parts except the bullbar have been ordered and will be delivered in the next day or two. The bullbar hasn't been sourced and I suggested that they get in touch with BMCC, the local Winnebago dealer, to find a supplier. If all else fails I can fit the bar later. I won't know until tomorrow when the repairs will start but they know we must leave for Barcaldine soon.

Wednesday 8th

The smash repair shop rang to say that they had sourced a bullbar but it would not be available until next Tuesday. The plan is to do the repairs on Monday and Tuesday. We will then have to hot-foot it to Barcaldine as quickly as we can. Perhaps we will get there before the meeting on Saturday.

I spent some time trying to find a short circuit in the parking light circuit without any success.

Thursday 9th

I found the short circuit in the audio illumination circuit. I must have disturbed it when I installed the new radio. We can now travel without worrying about stopping before dark.

Jean started work on the chapter accounts. there are some problems but it will probably be OK.

Friday 10th

More work on the accounts.

Saturday 11th

We went into Beaudesert before lunch to shop. The rest of the day was occupied with work on preparing for the chapter general meeting.

Sunday 12th

We finished the papers for the chapter general meeting at afternoon tea time.

We went early to bed as we had to make an early start on the morrow to get to the panel shop first thing.

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