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Norseman, WA

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Tue 19 Nov 2002

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I awoke to find the battery charger not working. Investigation revealed that the fuse had blown without any fault being apparent. This had happened before when the Motley was about a year old. On that occasion I had refused to buy a new fuse because Winnebago wanted to charge me $225. I jury rigged a fuse and later devised a replacement from fusible link wire. On a recent visit to Whitworths in Brisbane I had found a replacement fuse for about $55 so I replaced the fusible links with a proper HRC fuse. It was this fuse which had gone open circuit. I refitted the fusible links to get us back in working order.

Occam's razor suggests that a fault in the charger is more likely than two faulty fuses. I'll get it checked when next I am in Scarborough (Queensland).

We returned to Norseman and booked into the caravan park to do the laundry. There is a motel with a restaurant right next door to the caravan park so I took Jean there for dinner to celebrate her upcoming birthday. The food was good and we enjoyed a very drinkable bottle of 2000 shiraz from Denmark on the south coast.

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