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Eucla, WA

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Sat 23 - Sun 24 Nov 2002

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Saturday 23rd

We had a laid back morning, headed of towards Eucla, filled up with water at the Kuthala Pass Rest Area and reached Eucla before lunch.

Eucla is perched up on the top of the escarpment at the head of Eucla Pass.

photo of sunset over eucla

There is a caravan park with a great view over the edge of the escarpment, but there is also a big rest area so we headed for that.

The tourist attraction of Eucla is the Old Telegraph Station which is down on the coastal flat a few hundred metres back from the beach. The building which was built in sandstone is now derelict and partly buried in sand. Surprisingly, in the midst of coastal scrub, there is a thriving grove of gum trees nearby complete with resident honeyeaters.

We had elected to stop here so that we could watch The Bill. At 8.15 a great thunderstorm passed overhead and the TV link went down. It came back just before 8.30 so we didn't miss the episode after all.

Sunday 24th

The weather was still inclement so we decided to veg out here for another day. The cricket was on the TV and we were very cosy with the rain on outside.

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