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West Beach, Adelaide, SA

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Fri 6 - Thu 12 Dec 2002

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Friday 6th

We made the 360 km to Adelaide in good time and booked into the caravan park at West Beach.

Saturday 7th

After breakfast, Jean did her final packing.

We had arranged to go to Willunga to spent the afternoon with Joy Rodger and to take her and her son, Nigel, out for a birthday dinner. We were pretty pooped by time we got back to Adelaide and had a fairly early night in preparation for the morrow.

Sunday 8th

We got up early, had a leisurely breakfast, and went to the airport for Jean to catch the 11.30 flight to Sydney. I spent the afternoon vegging out in the Motley.

Monday 9th

Having not heard from Jean when I woke up, I put in a call to Alabama St and had to leave a message on the answering machine.

After doing all the laundry, I went into town to buy UNICEF Xmas cards and have lunch.

I got a call from Rachel in the afternoon. Jean had missed her connection at Sydney, had flown to LA on a later flight and then taken the shuttle to San Francisco. She was pretty tired but happy to have finally arrived.

Tuesday 10th

I was not able to arrange the repair of the airconditioner in Adelaide so it will have to wait until I get to Sydney.

Wednesday 12th

I had booked the Little Motley in for its first service in the afternoon so here I am working away on the iBook in the reception area of the Daihatsu Dealer.

The weather has improved and the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Thursday 12th

A day spent tidying, cleaning and washing the Motley and the trailer. The Daihatsu dealer had washed the Little Motley before giving it back to me so now we are all spic and span.

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