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Windsor Gardens, Adelaide, SA

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Fri 13 - Sun 15 Dec 2002

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Friday 13th

I went to the local Woolworths Plus to fill up with diesel in preparation for the journey into Victoria. On the way the clutch started to slip so I had to revise the plan.

A Mazda dealer in Paradise in north east Adelaide was prepared to squeeze me into his busy schedule so I move to a caravan park near by ready to present the Motley early on Monday morning.

I haven't yet decided whether to take a night off in a motel or not. The cost of the repair is so high that it wouldn't be noticeable. I might just spend a couple of days in the Barossa while they mend the clutch In the afternoon, I went to the zoo to visit Kemiri, the tiger I had watched as a cub while I was working at the zoo in Sydney. Last time we were in Adelaide Zoo nearly five years ago she had recently arrived and was settling in. She is now a mature adult female ready for breeding. The have brought a young male from a German zoo but he won't socialize with Kemiri at all. The keepers are being extremely patient but it might never happen. How difficult it is to try and maintain a breeding population of endangered animals in captivity. It would be awful if tigers were to become extinct because we can't find the necessary resources to save them.

Of course we will never find sufficient resources to do all the conservation we need to do while ever the world is run by lunatic politicians whose only agenda is the maintenance of the "greed is good" life style we have adopted. Hayek and his fellow "free market" economists have a lot to answer for. The sad thing is they are right to put in place economic measures that generate resources but to do that simply to allow the rich to become richer and the poor, and the environment, to become poorer is a crying shame and, ultimately, destructive of a world fit for our children's children.

On the bright side, I saw a snake yawning and I heard a tortoise growling so it was a pretty good visit.

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th

I watched the cricket on TV.

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