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Corowa, NSW

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Tue 24 - Wed 25 Dec 2002

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Tuesday 24th

Needing to do laundry and such, I had rung around the local caravan parks to make sure they would have room. I could get no answer at all from the ones in Yarrawonga and Mulawa so I rang the one in Corowa which had a dump point and they said I'd be all right until Boxing Day.

When I arrived, I asked for directions to the dump point to be met with a "What's that?" It seems that Caravan World don't even survey the parks regularly, the owners here had not received anything from them in two years. They were, however, very helpful and arranged for me to visit the local sewage works. This I did and now the tanks are empty.

I settled in to a very nice site on some very green grass under some big gum trees.

Wednesday 25th

Up early to do the laundry. It is a beautiful, fine, sunny day so it will dry quickly.

Big Al rang to say that they had heard from San Francisco that the waters had broken and Rachel was hoping to have the baby on Christmas Eve.

I had a very idle day playing Myst Exile II.

Just before midnight I had a call from San Francisco telling me that Claire had been born at about 4 am their time and that mother and baby were both fine. I cracked a bottle of best Bethany Semillon to celebrate the wonderful news. It's not until it's over that one has to admit that one had been worried.

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