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Howlong, Vic

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Thu 26 - Sun 29 Dec 2002

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Thursday 26th

I drove a few kilometres to Howlong which has a highly recommended camping area on the banks of the Murray.

I set up and as the day wore on I became surrounded by cars with boat trailers. I was parked by the boat launching ramp and all the boaties wanted to park their trailers nearby. Nobody was upset but I determined to move to a better place on the morrow.

I spent the day watching the cricket on TV.

Friday 27t - Sunday 29th

I was up early to move the Motley. I had a chat with a couple of guys from the council who said the ranger might come and move me on.

I went out in the Little Motley to see if there was anywhere else to camp but this is the only place where I can get plenty of sunshine to charge the batteries with no risk of red gum branches falling on the truck. I'll stay here and see what transpires.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching the cricket.

No rangers came.

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