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Kalbar, Qld

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Thu 17 - Sun 27 Apr 2003

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Highway Wanderers Easter Gathering

We left Lawnton showground to go to Kalbar Showground where the Highway Wanderers were gathering for a weekend of good fellowship and fun.

There were lots of people already there when we arrived at afternoon tea time.

The weekend was very pleasant with lots of sitting around chatting for those who didn't need too much activity and things to do for those who were so inclined.

I organised a weekend long 1980's trivia quiz which occupied everyone for some time. Helene had brought some Blocks to play a new gambling game which had the advantage of raising some money for the chapter. In the evenings people played cards, rummykubs and scrabble.

On Saturday night some of us went to the pub for dinner. The food was OK and the company was exceptional.

On Sunday I woke up with a pretty bad cold so I stayed indoors all day. In the evening, the caretaker lady came in and do a smorgasbord dinner. It was outstanding with three courses and a wide choice of entrees and desserts. Jean brought mine to the Motley which I appreciated as I didn't want to join the others and pass on my sickness to anyone else.

The gathering had gone extremely well with everyone having a good time. The two couples who had visited our chapter for the first time were so impressed that they joined up while they were still here.

I took several days to try and throw the cold. We stayed on an extra few of days to save having to travel. We had pleasant company with three motorhomes staying on and a couple in a camper trailer joining us for a few days.

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