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Mon 7 - Wed 16 Apr 2003

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photo of Claire and Kassy

Having used up all our allocation of time at Wyllie Park for the month, we moved back to Lawnton Showground.

Despite Sarah's scepticism, the remaining cleaning and tidying up was all completed before the Fitzhardinges arrived on Wednesday.

Rachel, Jeremy and Claire arrived from Sydney on Wednesday and we repaired to Patricks Rd for lunch, chats, dinner, and more chats.

Claire is beautiful and so charming. She smiles and chuckles at every opportunity for everyone.

We spent each day at Patricks Rd, getting to know our new grand-daughter.

Rachel and Jeremy took Jean and Sarah to the Summit for a girl's lunch, Alain to Mt Glorius for a brother's lunch, and Jean and I to the Stamford Brasserie for a grandparent's lunch.

On Wednesday, we had high tea at Patricks Rd before they departed for the airport and Sydney.

It was a wonderful week with lots of bonding with Claire who is a most beautiful child with a delightful disposition and we all adore her. It was also good to spend time with Rachel and Jeremy who, as always, talked knowledgeably with everyone about everything.

We returned to the Motley from the airport absolutely whacked. Though we had not do anything strenuous, the very full days had taken their toll on our stamina and we were in desperate need of some veg time.

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