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Petrie, Qld

S 27°16'22" E 152°58'49

Mon 25 - Tue 26 Aug 2003

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As we haven't stayed at Petrie within the last 30 days, I decided to avail myself of the two nights free there before returning to Lawnton Showground.

The Motley was booked in for its 95,000 km service so we were up early and out to Aspley. I spent most of the day with Al collecting stuff for UWHO while Jean spent the day there keeping Sarah company.

The Little Motley was due for its 10,000 km service so we booked it in for Tuesday at Sci-Fleet at Kedron. Al came there to pick us up and dropped us back in the afternoon.

During the day we started on the installation of the curtains and the computer and sound equipment at UWHO. The telephone people finally got their various acts together and there are now working telephones. The eMac and laser printer are installed so it is now possible to run the business from the office.

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