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Hattah, VIC

S 34°44'31" E 142°16'18

Sat 17 Jan 2004

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photo of a flowering gum in the national park

We needed to get on with the site surveys so we set off to Victoria. We shopped in Robinvale and then went west towards the Hattah Kulkyne National Park We found an unlisted rest area near a place called Wemen on the banks of the mighty Murray and we stopped for lunch. I had to do a rest area cleanup as the place was in a pretty bad state.

We went on to the National Park. There is no entry fee but the camp sites cost $11 per night which is pretty steep for patch of sand with no facilities near a dry lake bed.

We moved on to the next listed place which is just north of Hattah. The site is very big with lots of trees so we decided to spend the night there.

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