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Bendigo, Vic

S 36°46'20" E 144°15'24"

Mon 23 - Tue 24 Feb 2004

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The windscreen of the Terios had been broken somewhere on the way to Logan so we arranged to have it replaced in Bendigo so we booked into a caravan park in the town for a couple of days.

We drove into town to get some lunch but we couldn't find anywhere to park so we gave the Mall a miss. Jean said that she had had a bad feeling about the town even before we stopped but I find it quite a nice place.

Jean wanted to visit the Bendigo Pottery to buy a lasagne dish for Sarah to replace one she had broken. There were lots of items on sale but no lasagne dishes. The pottery is very impressive but the Motley has no room for such things and the prices are pretty steep. We did get to watch a master potter throwing vases and making it look so easy. He said he was still learning after 20 years on the job!.

On Tuesday, I delivered the Terios to O'Briens to have the new windscreen fitted. I walked back to the caravan park, did the laundry, cooked some kick-start soup, and walked back to O'Briens to pick up the car.

After lunch, we went into town to visit The Telstra Shop to sort out the mobile phone account. The advice I got was to ring 125111. When I complained about the cost of waiting in the call centre queue, I was told that the call would only cost 25 cents!.

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