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Runnymede Highway Park, Vic

S 36°31'25" E 144°37'39"

Wed 25 Feb 2004

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Having done all that we needed to do in Bendigo, we headed off towards New South Wales. We have to enter the fruit fly exclusion zone again so, after a morning checking out some camp sites, we parked in an unlisted site, the Runnymede Highway Park, just south of Elmore on the way to Echuca.

The afternoon temperature soared into the 30s so I started the generator and switched on the air-conditioner. The afternoon was disturbed by crow-scarers going off nearby at regular intervals. We dined on some really yummy fillet steak I had bought from a butcher in Bendigo and as much of the fruit as we could eat and, with the crow-scarers finished for the day, we settled in for a quiet night.

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