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Darlington Point, NSW

S 34°34'05" E 146°00'15"

Sun 29 Feb - Mon 1 Mar 2004

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After another peaceful night on the banks of the Murrumbidgee we continued our journey eastwards checking out sites as we went.

We reached Darlington Point which is south of Griffith on the Murrumbidgee just before lunchtime and tried to find one of the free camping sites listed in "The Book" without success. It was said to be down King St and when we went down King St we finished up in the forest with tracks going every which way and no signs. In the end I elected to camp up in the local caravan park which was supposed to be budget to top up the water tanks and the batteries.

As we were setting up we were visited by a trio of young emus which wandered through the park as though they owned it and approached us to see if we were going to give them anything. We later discovered that they are about seven months old and that they have been raised from the age of 1 week by the caravan park owners. They mostly live in the park but when there are too many people about they take to the bush next door.

I planned to check out the nearby sites in the afternoon but I copped out and postponed the work until Monday morning.

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