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Leeton, NSW

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Tue 2 Mar 2004

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We drove the 50 odd km to Leeton and booked into the local caravan park to survey the local sites in the Little Motley.

We took a wrong road and had to put up with 20 km of really rough road which wasn't too good for Jean who developed a bad headache.

After lunch I set off to find and check out all the local sites. I had picked up a mud map from the Tourist Info Centre so I had little trouble finding them. I took a diversion to look at the Yanco Wier which was a long way down a dirt road and which was inaccessible when I got there. At the last site I visited I met a couple on holiday from Mt Colah in Sydney. On the way back to the caravan park I did a little shopping and got back in time for a late afternoon tea.

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