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Ashby, NSW

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Thu 18 - Sun 21 Mar 2004

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Thursday 18th

We travelled all day, reaching the Kerr's house at Ashby at half past five to a warm welcome and an invitation to dinner which was much appreciated after a tiring day.

photo of osprey

Friday 19th

Val, Jean and I went shopping in Maclean and I bought some "barramundi" from the fisherman's co-op. I cooked it in a mild tandoori marinade and everyone though it was pretty good.

Saturday 20th

I spent the morning working on the alarms in the steps which had somehow gone haywire.

We went to Ikuka for fish'n'chips for lunch and then walked round to the Coastguard station at the mouth of the Clarence River. On the way, we visited the osprey nesting platform and were happy to see two birds in residence. On the way home we went to Woody Head and I was able to check out the camp site there and get GPS coordinates and photographs.

Sunday 21st

I continued the work on the alarms, sufferring many set-backs until I discovered that all the sounder units had developed intermittent faults; all three of them worked some of the time but none of them worked all the time. It's not surprising that it had taken so long to do the job, one hard fault can be found easily but three concurrent intermittent faults defy all the normal tools of diagnosis. In the end I had rebuilt the system from the ground up and new sounders, when I can get some, will bring the system back to normal operation.

photo of val and les at woody head

We spent the afternoon chatting and reminiscing. In the evening, Les's son Roy arrived for a visit and he. Les and Val went out for pizzas while we snuggled up in the Motley for a diabetic friendly meal of soup and fruit.

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