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Wed 24 Mar - Wed 7 Apr 2004

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Wednesday 24th Mar

We moved to Lawnton Showground and then went to Cafe Zanetti to meet up with Rachel and Claire for morning coffee. Rachel and Claire had a lunch date with a friend of Rachel's who lives in Clayfield so Jean and I went to Brookside to send a fax to the Credit Union and to have a bite to eat

In the afternoon I took advantage of the high speed internet connection at Patricks Road to download a whole bunch of software updates. We had another pleasant dinner with the whole family before retreating to the Motley for the night.

Thursday 25th Mar

Jean had a hairdressing appointment at Mitchelton so we met Rachel and Claire and Sarah at Cafe Zanetti before going to town to have a wonderful lunch at the Stamford as Rachel's guests. The food was unbeatable, the view was remarkable, the company was incomparable, and Claire's behaviour was impeccable.

Friday 26th Mar

Jeremy arrived from Sydney on an international flight but Rachel had gone to meet him at the domestic terminal so they had a bit of trouble catching up with one another. To compound the problem, Rachel had found an email from the USA which needed an immediate hard copy reply but every one of the computer systems available managed to make the task of printing out the file seem to be impossible. Jeremy took over and found a solution in short order but not before Rachel had been advised to leave UWHO and come to Cafe Zanetti because she was shedding too much bad vibes all over the place. The necessary documents were eventually prepared and sent off to San Francisco.

We lunched at Cafe Zanetti and retired to Patricks Road where we had a wonderful Thai dinner from the Oriental Bangkok. I was surprised to be welcomed there with a "Where have you been since you were last here?.

Saturday 27th Mar
photo of claire

As everyone else was busy in the morning, we didn't need to be at Patricks Road until tea time. On the way there we voted in the local government elections to add our little bit of weight to help re-elect Brian Battersby. His opponent, a young Labour hopeful. had excelled himself with a campaign poster which said that 28 years was enough and it was time for a change. Why anyone would be inclined to accept that argument is a mystery to me when Brian has to be one of the best local councillors in Australia who, after 28 years in the job, still hasn't slowed down at all in his pursuit of the satisfaction of the needs of all his constituents.

We dined well on Al's beaut tuna rice and drove back to Lawnton where we spent a peaceful night.

Sunday 28th Mar

Everyone was busy again during the day so we veged out until four o'clock and then went to Patricks Road. Sarah and Rachel had bought Ross a kitten for his birthday and this caused some tension in the house so we went out for dinner with Rachel, Jeremy, Claire and Alain and had a very pleasant meal at Jill's Thai Kitchen in Mitchelton followed by coffee a cafe at Ennogera.

Monday 29th Mar
photo of claire

We went to Patricks Road early and had morning tea with the Fitzhardinges and the Williamses. It was so good to catch up with Barb and Ron and to find them so well. They are struggling with the builders who are re-modelling the house in St Lucia. The job is supposed to be finished in early but late May is more likely. It will, I'm sure, be worth all the hassles when it is done.

Rachel, Jeremy and Claire left for Sydney at lunchtime and we returned to Lawnton for a vege afternoon.

Tuesday 30th Mar

We went to see the doctor in the afternoon to get referrals for blood tests. She insisted that we have our annual flu vaccinations.

We happy houred with Greg and Pat, a motorhoming couple who had joined us in the encampment at Lawnton Showground.

Wednesday 31st Mar
photo of claire

We went out early to have blood tests and then to Cafe Zanetti for breakfast. I arranged to go to UWHO to work on the computer system problems.

I fixed the printer problem but the fax problem remains unresolved so I will have to consult with Al.

Thursday 1st Apr

I was feeling the effects of the flu vaccination I had on Tuesday so, after I had delivered the overnight urine samples to the path lab, we veged out for the rest of the day.

Greg and Pat got a call to go to Sydney to start work so they departed after lunch leaving us in sole possession of the showground.

Friday 2nd Apr

The Doggie people are having a show on Sunday so, when we returned from dumping the black water, we moved to the northern side of the site to keep out of the way.

At Wyllie Park we met up with Hazel and Graham Beneke, long time motorhomer friends, who were camped there for the weekend while they go to the Gardening Australia exhibition in Brisbane. We hadn't seen them in quite a while and it was good to catch up with them.

In the afternoon I got a call for help from UWHO because the computer system had refused to do what was asked of it. I failed to find the cause of the trouble but I did find a way around the problem. On checking on this computer I think I may have found the cause.

Saturday 3rd Apr

We went to Patricks Road to celebrate Ross's seventh birthday. It's hard to believe that seven years have gone by since he was born. So much of water has flown under so many bridges since then.

Ross thought his presents were "awesome". Al had bought a snowball firing skidoo and we had bought a fully working 16 wheel mobile crane. The cat that Rachel bought for Ross was dressed up in a bow to indicate that he was also a birthday present but didn't seem to rank, presumably because he has been around a while.

Andrew and Penny came to the party with Alana and Kielan and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves a lot while the grown-ups talked a lot!.

When we got back to the Motley the fridge was working but the temperatures were exceedingly high. I can only assume that someone had turned off the power at sometime and turned it on again a lot later. I had thought to turn over to gas but had not done it. It will, I hope all come good in due course.

Sunday 4th Apr

The dog show started very just after sun rise with some strange person blowing a referees whistle as loudly as possible and many times over at some unimaginably early hour.

The Marretts were going to Moffat Beach for a family picnic so we veged out at Lawnton watching the antics of some of the doggie people.

Monday 5th Apr

We went to the doctor to get the results of the blood tests we had last week. We were both pleasantly surprised the improvements in the results since last time in our diet and exercise regimes have clearly worked for us.

Rachel left a voice message to say that Jeremy was having problems with his visa application. He can't return to San Francisco until the US government return his passport so he is trapped here for a bit. Rachel has delayed her return to the US for a week. I rang Sydney and discovered that the problem was not with the US government but with Australia Post who failed to deliver a registered package in less than ten days! Jeremy and Rachel have set up an Office in Barnaby's flat where they have a high speed internet connection. I guess it will all come out right in the end but Jeremy faces having to buy a new ticket back to San Francisco if his visa doesn't appear until after his return ticket expires and Rachel faces returning to San Francisco with Claire and being a single parent there for a few weeks. I reminded her that she had plenty of support and it would be OK.

Tuesday 6th Apr

We did a little shopping and took Sarah to lunch which she appreciated. We spent some time at UWHO but the imminent closure of the business cast a heavy pall over everything and there was nothing I could do to help.

Wednesday 7th Apr

Jean had to see her endocrinologist in the morning. She had not been looking forward to the visit. The good results from the blood tests should have taken the pressure off but she was still hyper about it as revealed by her high blood pressure and she only relaxed when he said "That's good. Keep doing whatever you're doing now".

I needed to do some shopping and some laundry before we go to Kalbar for a Chapter Gathering so we didn't get to go to Ferny Hills.

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