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Akoonah Park, Berwick, Vic

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Fri 11 - Mon 14 Mar 2005

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Nepean Nomads Chapter Meeting

Friday 11th

With the fridge working, we packed up and left the caravan park at about eleven o'clock.

We reached Akoonah Park just on noon and were welcomed to the chapter meeting and offered a site next to some friends from way back.

We chatted, met new people and caught up with people we had met before. Dog and Cat accompanied us to happy hour.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary with a dinner of fillet steak and raspberries and creamy yoghurt with the table decorated with some beautiful roses I had bought for Jean. I apologised that there were only eight and Jean remembered an anniversary eleven years ago when she received a bouquet of 33 red roses in her office much to everyones' amazement.

Saturday 12th

We went into Berwick to buy groceries and the paper.

In the afternoon I did some more repairs including mending the steps down alarm. The fault was in a solder joint which I made several years ago when I first installed the alarms. It is strange that the joint gave way after all this time.

We had afternoon tea and happy hour with the assembled crowd, winning a couple of raffle prizes on the way.

We were introduced to Jeff Wood who is trying to get up and running a scheme to make newcomers lives easier by putting an information sheet in the front window of ones motorhome at all CMCA gatherings. The sheet introduces you and lists your interests so they have some reason to talk to you and a starting point for the conversation. Everyone agreed that it is a good idea but getting it adopted by large numbers of people might be a bit of a struggle. We will do our bit by putting one in the Motley.

Sunday 13th

The Chapter had organised a Motorhome Expo with all the motorhomes lined upon the oval and a few trade stands nearby. The deal was that it was an open day so that new members and interested visitors could talk about motorhoming. We didn't lock up but we did have to stand guard to stop people wandering into the Motley uninvited. Several other people had the same problem but mostly the visitors were friendly and polite.We had one couple come to us who had come to the market no knowing that the expo was on and they had decided to give the market a miss and visit the expo instead. It all seemed to be worth while and the Chapter plans to make it an annual event.

Monday 14th

We stayed on an extra day for a rest. The weather was very pleasant and we had a nice day. Happy hour was a very relaxed affair with only three or four other people there.

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