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Rankin Springs, NSW

S 33°52'22" E 146°11'03"

Thu 21 Apr 2005

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We went into town to get our signatures on the contract for the house witnessed by the Police Sergeant and to post the contract off to the solicitor.

Leaving town, we found a sign to a "Grey Water Dump Point" so we investigated and dumped the black water.

We had to return to South Hay to fill up with diesel as I had only put a small amount in last time we filled up because the price was over $1.20/l. I found that the price is just as high here and presumably everywhere. We will have to cut our travelling time in future to keep within the budget if we have to go on paying these outrageous prices for fuel.

We headed east along the Mid Western Highway which we hadn't travelled before and visited such notable places as Goolgowi and Rankin Springs.

After lunch we found ourselves on a stretch of highway so bad that we had to slow down to 60 kph (35mph). I had to stop at the first available rest area because I was whacked.

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