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Tibuchina, Cooroy, Qld

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Wed 4 - Sun 8 Jan 2006

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Wednesday 4th

It rained very hard for three hours overnight so we both woke up lacking a full night's sleep.

We had to go to Brookside before nine so that Jean could have an early morning eye test.

We got back to Lawnton at about eleven, prepared for the road, and set off for Cooroy.

We stopped at Narangba to have the airconditioner checked out by a guy recommended to us by a motorhomer friend. The guy said he wasn't able to help us because his expertise is cab airconditioners. He recommended that we go to a person that specialises in roof airconditioners. We have used a guy in Lawnton before but he won't be open until the 9th so we'll have to wait around a bit.

We got to the Procter's house in Cooroy after lunch and were warmly welcomed. Jean had a swim while I did a bit of work until happy hour. After a fine roast turkey dinner, we chatted until quite late.

Thursday 5th

Another warm, bright, cloudy day. We both slept in catching up on missed sleep. In the evening we had a fish and chips dinner and another long chat.

Friday 6th

We were up a bit earlier and I used Helene's laundry.

In the evening we were taken out to dinner at the Bistro Bistro in Cooroy. We didn't know if it was going to be any good as it had changed hands since Philip and Helene had last been there. In the event it was a most delicious meal. Everyone had nothing but praise for the chef, even the desserts were way above the standard you would expect in a small town like Cooroy.

When we eventually got home, I cooked some beef curry and some dhal in preparation for a curry night tomorrow.

At bedtime, it started to rain very hard and it didn't ease up until well after midnight.

Saturday 7th

Jean and Helene went on a house hunting expedition while I stayed at home and cooked more curry.

In the evening, we had a curry feast with beef, tandoori chicken, dry potato and sweet potato curry, dhal and rice followed by fresh mango with frozen yoghurt. It was much appreciated

It rained again overnight.

Sunday 8th

In the afternoon, we played the card game Frustration for three hours and dined on leftover curry.

We had another rain storm in the afternoon.

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