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Currawinya, Barraba, NSW

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Sun 12 - Sun 19 Feb 2006

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Sunday 12th

I woke up sore and sorry. Perhaps the cool nights need some change to the bed clothes.

I took some old cardboard packing to the tip and gave the sewing machine a routine service. That was enough to make me sit down and rest.

Monday 13th

I woke up with a very sore shoulder so I spent the day doing sitting down jobs. The day started out fine but it came overcast and rained in the afternoon.

I got some work done in preparation for the rally.

Tuesday 14th

We both slept late but woke up refreshed. My shoulder was better but by the time I got round to doing manual work it was sore again.

In the afternoon I started to hang the pictures we had brought back from Patricks Rd. The hooks I had bought didn't work very well so I had to buy some very heavy duty ones. The place does look much better with pictures on the wall.

Wednesday 15th

It had rained all night with thunder rolling around. The rain gauge showed that we had had only 2 mm and the rain water tank is not getting any fuller.

During the day, the thunder continued and the rain gauge registered 10 mm by mid afternoon. The tank got an extra 1000 litres (22 US gal) and is now about two thirds full. Perhaps the grass will stop crunching when it is walked on.

Thursday 16th

It rained all night and we got another 2000 litres into the tank. The rain clouds are hanging about and this has brought the daytime temperature down to the low twenties (mid seventies F).

We decided not to hang about in Barraba any longer so we will pack up and head off to South Australia so that we can have a leisurely trip.

I did some minor mods to the Motley to prepare for the next journey.

Friday 17th

I did a thorough clean of the Motley in preparation for the reloading and I carried on to do the house as well.

We went to the doctor to get new scrips to ensure we will be able to stay away as long as it takes.

The weather or lack of sleep caught up with me and I rested for most of the afternoon.

We went to the RSL for dinner.

Saturday 18th

We spent the day moving stuff back into the Motley. The weather was particularly hot so we had to work in short bursts with rests in between.

We had a very pleasant happy hour with John and Vicki to celebrate our departures for South Australia.

Sunday 19th

We spent the day completing the loading of the Motley. Once again it had to be done in short bursts with lots of rest breaks.

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